Welcome 2021 – A quick look back on some of our achievements over the last 2 years

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year. Not least for the NHS, keyworkers and everyone else caught up in the Coronavirus pandemic (a massive thank you to all of the aforementioned). Whilst times have been hard it’s important not to forget the things that have been achieved and what can be done in the face of adversity. Just some of the achievements over the last 2 years include:

  • New bins installed
  • Park fence painted
  • Rear park gate replaced
  • Park equipment (swings, slide, etc) repainted
  • New see-saw added to the park
  • Surfaces around playpark equipment replaced
  • Bridge crossing the river Shuttle tributary repaired
  • Project started on developing naturalized grass and wildflower areas in the open space
  • Noticeboards installed next to playpark and boundary opposite Edgebury school
  • Established the story book trail to encourage children to search and discover more in the Open Space.
  • Swift community action taken on pollution events
  • Community work day to prune trees and and Holly encroaching on pathways through Belmont Open Space
  • Regular community litter picks
  • Other community events (more so in 2019) such as the summer fete

Roll on 2021 – we’re very excited about the year ahead and continuing to achieve great things in Belmont Open Space!