FOBOS Fence Painting – Part 1

The regeneration of the park is at the heart of what we are doing at FOBOS. We have so many amazing ideas and plans for the open space such as community events, family friendly activities, nature trails, improving the biodiversity of our green space and some educational articles and videos on the history of Belmont Open Space; but, it was the park that was the original driving force for kick starting the FOBOS group back to life!

In May 2018 when Gemma Ramsden (Chairwoman) posted that she wanted to regenerate the park (starting with some basic revamps such as painting the fence) I was hooked. However, it was just me and Gemma back then, as well as my fiancé, Andrew Mould (Treasurer) putting in as much time as we could into FOBOS. Not an easy feat when both our families have two little ones and we have careers too. That is why it has taken us a while to get this part of our project off the ground, almost a year to the day when we first enthusiastically discussed it! Idverde Bromley kindly agreed to give us some money from their community fund to repair the fence and provided some paint and equipment to enable the community to come together and paint it.

I had great fun. Great community atmosphere. I’m glad I took part and look forward to the next FOBOS event

Brenda Christopher

In the build up to Saturday 18th May 2019 (our FOBOS fence painting day), Idverde came out and repaired the fence and cut the grass (a massive thank you to them). We put a lot of effort into promoting our event and hopefully the result speaks for itself!

Great to join FOBOS and Cllrs Katy Boughey and Kieran Terry to help paint the play area fence this morning. A really good community initiative

Bob Neill (MP)

We also reached out to our local MP, Bob Neill, to see if he was available to come along and paint the first fence post to help promote our cause. We were delighted when he accepted and were honoured to have him help us, especially given that he already does so much for the Chislehurst community. He has been a fantastic supporter of FOBOS on our twitter account. What really made our day was that he stayed and painted quite a large section of the fence with us whilst making the time to talk to the volunteers about what a wonderful thing they were doing! He is such a kind and motivational man; it was great to have him there today.

Two of our local councillors also attended to help, Cllr Kieran Terry and Cllr Katy Boughey. Cllr Terry is local to Belmont Open Space and has regularly campaigned for this area in the past. We were so grateful to him and Katy for giving up their time to come and help us.

We had a great time. Well done for organising, looking forward to the next one

Laura Dykes

In all this, what really blew us away today was the number of volunteers who turned up to help. Each and every one of you are amazing and we cannot thank you enough! It was wonderful seeing local children and their families come together to claim the fence as their own. The kids especially loved the novelty of being able to paint the park fence, so much so that they marked their painted areas with their hand prints and signed their names underneath. True artists in our opinion! This was one of the reasons we opted for water based paints today as it meant children could be involved and have an input on the space they use and enjoy.

Among the volunteers today was Alison Stammers (Chair of the Chislehurst Town Team), who is a real driving force in Chislehurst and volunteers so much of her free time to help causes throughout the town. She has been giving us some really helpful advice to get things going and it’s truly wonderful that she picked up a paint brush and helped us make our dream a reality today.

Caroll Long, Gemma Ramsden and Gemma Sargeant

Another person we’d like to thank for making this happen is Caroll Long from Idverde. Caroll is like the Wonder Woman of the green spaces throughout Bromley. Not only does she work for Idverde to look after the parks and green spaces but she really cares and gives up her free time outside of working hours to come and support, not only us, but many other Friends groups too. Her passion for what she does really inspires us and we know that working with her great things will happen for Belmont Open Space. The fence facelift is just that start!

Look out for part 2 of our fence painting event where we plan to come together and finish the posts inside the park and add colour to the outside of the fence. We would love more children to come along and add their handprints and names to the posts. This is their park after all.

We’ve recently had another 3 ladies join us on the FOBOS team, Hilary Wilson, Julia Au and Nicola Roberts and we still have Mike Pinchen onboard to help us bring the history of Belmont to life. We have such a great team and as we are growing we can only see more wonderful community events on the horizon! If you’d like to join us please do get in touch.

It looks great, well done for your efforts

Rachel Sims

Thank you again to everyone who helped out with the community fence paint today, you are truly wonderful.

Gemma Sargeant (Vice Chairwoman)